Toni Granados

Toni Granados

About Me

Hello! I'm Toni Granados, the face behind this blog. Here, I'll mostly share insights on software, iOS development, and UI explorations, but occasionally, I may delve into other unrelated topics.

My software engineering journey kicked off at 14, sparked by an interesting encounter with a bug in an MMORPG I was playing. A friend stumbled upon a glitch that allowed players to claim quest rewards without completing the quest through a pretty convoluted process.

Initially, my friend and I exploited this loophole manually, but the process quickly became tiresome. I didn't know much about how software worked, but I was sure there had to be a way to automate the process. My curiosity led me to Google and there, I discovered AutoIt, a scripting language designed for automating Windows applications. Over a couple of days, I grasped the fundamentals and wrote a script to automate the exploit.

Unfortunately, the bug was soon patched by the game developers, and those of us who exploited it were banned. Despite this setback, my interest in coding had been ignited. I was hooked. I stopped playing the game and started learning as much as I could about software engineering. I read books, watched videos, and built small projects. I found myself fascinated by the possibilities software offered.

Around this time, the iPhone was unveiled. Even though it wasn't readily available in my country, I had an opportunity to try the iPod Touch, and it blew my mind. The user interaction was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Since then, I've been an avid follower of the iOS ecosystem. A few years later, as I embarked on my Software Engineering degree, I got a Mac and started exploring iOS development.

Nowadays, I work as an iOS Developer and mobile team lead at Alkimii. I'm also developing an app in my spare time. If you're curious about my progress or want to stay updated on my software and iOS journey, be sure to follow me on Mastodon or subscribe to this blog's RSS.